Salt in my Latte

Thanks for stopping by. Grab a cup of coffee, and have a seat. The sugar & cream are on the counter, the salt’s on the bar. I don’t keep them side-by-side anymore…

I am a proud mom of a wild child, Kalel. He is 3, going on 13. He is named after Superman, because he is my hero. I have had problems with depression and even suicidal thoughts since I was a teenager. Now I feel like I have something to live for. He is my world, and he truly saves my life.

I have a bit of a temper and have been told to calm down quite a bit. I’m the mom/wife who’s constantly nagging. I can’t hide that part. Maybe it’s the Aries in me? I’m just really strong-headed. I have learned to embrace my “inner bitch”. I do tend to giggle at myself later and have lots of stories to tell from it.

So what are my hobbies? Reading & writing make life tolerable. I enjoy watching TV series, cause you know… that’s interesting. I am working on a couple novels, but have yet to publish. I like to crochet and have an Etsy shop.

I don’t have 10 kids. I don’t live in a big city. I’m not a nurse, beautician, or work in public service where I hear lots of juicy details about everyone’s life. I’m just a loud mom in a quiet hallow in the country, just trying to make ends meet. Someone once asked me, “What makes you unique? What makes you YOU?” My answer was simple and I do believe my friends and family would agree…

“I don’t try to be anyone else. How could I NOT be unique?”