Fruit Fly Solutions

fruit flyFruit flies are the devil! I mean, they’re little demons flying around. They get into your food and ruin your lunch. They breed in your garbage and attack when you disturb them. They even try to commit suicide to get to the food in your mouth! This is how you take them down!

#1- Set traps. NO don’t go to the store! Go get your apple cider vinegar. Don’t have any apple cider vinegar? Okay, go to the store. Get the cheap brand cause you’re going to feed these suckers. Yeah, you heard me. Now that you have the vinegar and you think that I’m a psycho, listen up for a minute and hear me out. Get out some old bowls or anything that is similar to a bowl. Put just enough vinegar in the bottom of the bowl for the stupid little flies to die. DIE! DIE! DIE! Sorry. These things have driven me crazy one too many times. Okay, so you have the vinegar out and the flies are buzzing around you. They love vinegar. Honestly, you don’t need anything else but if you want a little extra trapping, add some Dawn dish liquid (or any brand really, we’re broke). Just a drop will do. Stir gently. The dish liquid makes it sticky to the flies. Don’t have vinegar? Use pickle juice, lemon juice, apple juice, orange juice, whatever. Anything with fruit, hence the name. Oh, and pickles aren’t a fruit of course, but again they love vinegar. Change the vinegar any time it gets full of flies. Some people say to get them drunk with your best fruity wine, but forget that. Have your glass of wine to celebrate when those pests disappear!

#2- Clean up your act. Fruit flies can get into the tightest little spaces. Don’t bring out the bleach. Yup, don’t do it. Bleach won’t bring them in, but there’s something that works even better. Alcohol. No, no, not the wine I was just talking about. Rubbing alcohol will do the trick. Put a sprayer on the bottle of a bottle of rubbing alcohol and clean the house, especially the kitchen and bathroom.

#3- Yackedy Yack, don’t talk back! Take out that trash! Is your trashcan nasty on the bottom? Clean it up too. Now until you get rid of the f’rs, don’t throw any food in the trash or anything that has traces of food on it like wrappers. If you do, rinse them off first. It’s a good habit to get into anyway.

#4- Put it up right away. Don’t leave leftovers sitting on the stove or counter while you’re eating. Make sure to put a tight lid on them or put them into the fridge before you go eat. Don’t tempt them.

#5- Throw in the towel. Fruit flies are attracted to wet areas, including wet towels. So make sure not to put any wet towels on the floor. Better yet, if you have a line outside, hang them out to dry after you’re finished with them before throwing them in the hamper. I know, it sounds crazy to dry the dirty towel before you wash it. But trust me, they LOVE wet towels!

#6- Down the drain. Pour bleach down every drain in the house and try to keep sinks dry. After you’re finished washing dishes, quickly dry the sink out. It’s only until you get rid of the fruit flies.

Now relax in a fruit fly free house. If you have a small case of the pests, you won’t have to do all of these. You could easily get rid of them within 3-4 days if you do them all. However, if you have a huge problem, you’ll have to be strict with at least most of these steps, and it could take 1-2 weeks. Just be patient. Heck, I was tempted to sit in the kitchen with the bottle of alcohol and spray them as they flew around one time. Just keep calm and pick your battles.


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