A French Brownie Kind of Night

IMG_9076After eating dinner, I just wasn’t feeling very satisfied. I needed something else. I had such a big craving for…


I really don’t know. Oh well, let’s get on Pinterest. Maybe dessert. Yes… *typing… d-e-s-s-e-r-t*


I need chocolate. Now.

So I continue to search on Pinterest for recipes while he searches on YouTube. Finally we come up with a recipe that seems pretty good. Well, Chris does. I drool over the more elaborate recipes like brownie pudding and brownie cheesecake. Um… yes please? But we didn’t have the ingredients so… simple brownies it is.

So we’re in the kitchen. I’m doing dishes as he prepares the gooey mess of goodness. We’re bumping hips as we hurry about our tasks before the minion gets into something he shouldn’t. He was being entirely too quiet in the living room.

I’m not exactly sure what got Hubby into speaking in a French accent, bu that’s some of his charm. After about 5 minutes into his adorable act, he asks me to wash the butter off his measuring spoon.

ME: Can’t you see I’m busy? *rolls eyes playfully*
HUBBY: I make brownies, and this is how I am repaid. You really are an American!
ME: *chuckles*
HUBBY: ♪♫ Be my guest!♫ Be my guest!♫ Put my wiener between your breasts! ♫♪

My husband. Always the charmer.

HUBBY: I must go. I have forgotte the little human.

I giggle as he tends to the frizzy-haired booger-butt. I finish up in the kitchen and Hubby finishes the brownies while I relax. He calls for me and I come running. My favorite part!

Licking the spoon (and blender or bowl!)

And of course, my little monkey has to help.

I’ll have to say that the brownies turned out good, not great. Really rich. But the fun that we had is sweeter than any brownie could ever be!



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