Superman’s First Snow Fun

IMG_9027I can’t believe this is Kalel’s first snow day! He’s 2 1/2. That means this is technically his THIRD winter. In the mountains of WEST VIRGINIA!

What’s wrong with you mom?!

But oh my, what fun we had! :)

Let me just put the record straight. I… hate… snow… (Usually.)

His first winter he was only around 6 months old. I know some people take their babies outside to play in the snow that young, and that’s fine. I just wasn’t ready. He’s my first and you know how new moms are. He touched the snow with his hands for all of 2 minutes. That was enough for me.

Then his second winter came and I have no good excuse. Between depression and Etsy, I didn’t find the time for him like I should have to be honest. Of course I took care of him like I should .Of course I played with him. But I just couldn’t bring myself to go out in the cold. I was just missing summer and just downright selfish. Before I knew it, the snow was over and all that was left was a muddy mess.

This winter, I decided to just bundle up and go out before I changed my mind. And I didn’t regret it!! I was the last one back in the house. And guess what? I made my first snowman since I was a kid! While Kalel schmoozed the camera.

Poor baby kept losing his mittens and even his shoe! Of course I wasn’t ready for winter. He didn’t have any snow boots. So we improvised. Socks > plastic bags > socks > shoes. You heard me. We were keeping those toes dry! Well, trying to.


Aww look at that red nose!

After warming up and taking a nap, I consider taking him out again the next day. Of course I didn’t. I hate snow. This was two weeks ago. The snow disappeared and we have snow right again right now. Will I go out again tomorrow? Probably not. Just keeping it real.




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    • Carrie Bostic Feb 13 2016 / 11:18 AM



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