Trying to Be a Supermom


How are you? I don’t get asked this question very often, but when I am asked I try to tell the truth. And right now I’ll have to be honest.

I’m not okay.

I will be okay eventually I’m sure. But right now, not really. My husband lost his job. We have less than $20 to our name. And winter is ending. I know I said I hate winter, but it’s the only time I get decent sales in my Etsy shop. Our utilities will be cut off soon and we’ll be forced to live with relatives until we’re employed again.

On top of finances, my health is not doing good. I’m sick all the time. The doctors blame it on stress and anxiety. My husband believes its simple partial seizures and sometimes complex partial seizures (which is what the doctors believe are panic attacks). However after watching myself on video during an episode that I don’t remember and watching videos of other people having seizures… I’m not sure.

Them there’s the infected tooth. Let’s not go there…

But considering the corner we’re in, I think I’m lucky. We have food. We’re not cold. We own our home so we can’t get kicked out. We have family who will let us stay with them if we need to. My son is in good health. We’re still a family. No one said it would be easy being an adult. But I will stay strong, because my little Superman needs a supermom.

… And I just got 3 “cha_ching”s on Etsy, thanks to incredibly supportive friends. Life could be worse.



One thought on “Trying to Be a Supermom

  1. nightwisprav3n Mar 01 2016 / 8:49 AM

    Keep staying strong and you will get through this! I’m an unemployed single mom and I get how hard finances can be, especially in this economy but keep your head up like you’ve been doing and you’ll do great!

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