Turtles Don’t Take Bubble Baths


10 seconds.

That’s all it took. I saw him run into the bathroom and got up to go after him. He about gave Miche (pronounced Mikey short for Michelangelo) a heart attack. Or headache! Crash! And all the toys are in the water.

Of course I turn into Dino Mom. “No! Kal-El!” Of course he’s used to the roars and as I pick up the toys he goes for the shampoo. “Bubbles!”

“No! Bad!”

I save the turtle from certain poison.

“Bad Kal-El! You scared the turtle. Look!” Poor Miche was trying to escape, quite possibly just as scared of my booming voice as the toys.

And those poor lips pucker into a pout and I realize… he’s only trying to make it fun for Miche. After all, it IS fun to have toys and bubbles in the bath. Why wouldn’t the turtle love it too?

I pick him up before he can cry. “I’m sorry,” I say, admitting in those two words that I was wrong. “You wanted Miche to play with toys and bubbles, didn’t you?” He nodded a silent yes. I explained that Miche is too little to play with toys. He kind of got it, and took that as an acceptable answer.

Then I explained Miche drinks the water. “Soapy bubble water tastes bad.”

“Ew! I don’t want soap! Yuck!”

“Ew is right. Yucky!”

We laughed and decided cuddles were in order.

I’m doing better with this raising a toddler thing. Maybe I can do this…


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