My Response to “A Boy At School Snapped Her Bra. What She Did Next Is Gold.”



I’m not sure if this actually happened, but things like this happen ALL THE TIME. I have been sexually harassed I couldn’t count the times. I’ve had my bra snapped, my ass slapped, my boobs grabbed and pinched, my neck tickled, grabbed from behind, my knees grabbed, my leg rubbed, and even my girly parts grabbed. I’ve been cornered. I’ve had I don’t know how many things said to me that shouldn’t have been said by people I DIDN’T LIKE. I’ve been called a slut, whore, bitch… I‘ve been treated like shit by so many guys. There is NO EXCUSE for this.

Now, on the other hand, I know that this happens to men too, by men and women alike. I’ve heard stories by men that I know of being groped and had persistent advances that were unwanted. I even know a few men that were raped, one of which was by a woman and all the rest by men. I also acknowledge that most men don’t speak up because they’re embarrassed because they feel less like a man. I’m not saying that this doesn’t happen to men. And it’s NOT OKAY. It’s not any better than sexually harassing a woman. But the fact of the matter is that it happens more often to women.

EVERY SINGLE WOMAN that I’ve EVER talked to about being sexually harassed has told me that it has not only happened to them, but happens often. Unless they’re holed up in the house all the time, it happens ALL THE TIME. High school is some of the worst years, because boys are going through puberty and are for some reason taught that it’s okay. It’s just flirting. What’s wrong with harmless flirting.


If she says “no”, “go away”, “stop it”, or anything like that, she DOES NOT LIKE IT.

If she just sits there, twiddling her thumbs, silent, SHE DOES NOT LIKE IT.

If she cries, she obviously DOES NOT LIKE IT.

If she giggles, says things back, touches you back, then by all means, she likes it. Usually, anyway. But some girls have been degraded so much that they just play along because it seems easier that way. I’ve been that girl. That’s a completely different scenario all together that I can’t get into right now. It would be a whole other blog post. But I can understand if you think she’s okay with it if she’s giggling, flirting, and touching back. It’s not your fault (though it’s actually not the girl’s fault either). There doesn’t have to be blame in that scenario.

But if she doesn’t like it, it’s YOUR FAULT if you don’t stop.

Better yet, just don’t touch a girl at all unless she invites you in, okay? Just don’t do it.


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