I’m Baacck!

8721691So as you may have already noticed, I’m back from my hiatus! I have given updates here and there during my break, such as Nuttier Than Squirrel Turds, but for the most part I’ve been gone. My story since I left is very long, but I will sum it up for you:

  1. No computer.
  2. No phone, most of the time.
  3. No money.
  4. No keep the lights on.
  5. Go live with best friend in efficiency apartment.
  6. Come back home.
  7. Still no money.
  8. Cry, cry, cry. Always crying.
  9.  Live with no electricity for a couple weeks.
  10. Lights on. Now… Just keep the lights on!
  11. Still no jobs!
  12. Have to do welfare, so embarrassing! But must keep munchkin alive.
  13. Thank God we aren’t homeless…
  14. Struggle some more.
  15. Husband goes to CNA school.
  16. Struggle some more.
  17. Husband gets his CNA certificate!
  18. Income tax was taken in 2013 because of defaulted loans. 2014 & 2015 we didn’t file. 2016, Hubby is out of default. We’re saved! Back taxes!
  19. Wait for it… wait for it…
  20. Hubby goes through “getting a job’ classes through welfare, whatever the heck it’s called. Whatever!
  21. Hubby gets a job with the hospital! WOOHOOOOO!
  22. What do you mean the back taxes weren’t sent??!!
  23. Send back taxes & do 2016 taxes.
  24. GET TAXES! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Get lots of shit done. Save some for a car.
  26. Get a computer.
  27. Can’t really enjoy it all that much, because Mommy is sick. Very, very sick.
  28. #27 added to the fact that Daddy’s girlfriend has cancer.
  29. Try to be thankful for the good, push through the bad.
  30. I am a strong, independent woman. This has changed me. I am, I am.

So, I am back. But I am not. But I am. What does that mean? The “I” you knew is gone. The new “I” is here. I have changed so much… It has been such a journey, and it hasn’t ended yet. So follow me, the new me, through the snow covered mountains of this new life.


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