We Went Fishing! Caught A Duck & A Kid


We finally got around to going fishing this year, and boy was it an adventure! Kal-El has been bugging us all summer to go fishing, but between my husband still trying to get used to night shift (7PM – 7AM!) and a couple bad paychecks, we just haven’t been able to. Well, on August 8th we decided it was a beautiful day to go fishing. The sun was only partially out, not too brutal. It wasn’t quite 80° outside. Chris had enough sleep. We didn’t really have the extra money for me to get my fishing license, but to hell with it. Let’s go!

2017-08-08-01.pngSo we started off going to Walmart. We left around 12:30, traveled the 30-40 minutes to Walmart, rushed to get our stuff, and got out around 2:30. Yes! Good timing. Kind of. So instead of going way out of the way, we went 15 minutes down the road to a local river. That way he wouldn’t fall in, and if he did, no biggy! Well… long story short, lots of mud, swift (although shallow) waters, no fish biting, loud cars over the underpass… it was just a frustrating experience. This was not the family time I had in mind! So we moved… 30 minutes down the road past Walmart!

2017-08-08-06We ended up on a dock on the river flowing through Charleston, West Virginia. It was beautiful! I love the Kanawha River. No, it’s not exactly the cleanest river. You can’t eat what you catch, for the most part, but it was lovely, open, and best of all exciting. The boats were coming in and out, the dock we were on rocked from the waves, the ducks were swimming… oh yeah. The ducks. Chris caught a duck. Completely by accident! He was casting, and of course ducks are camouflaged. He didn’t see it and… yeah. The good thing is that there was a woman already on the dock that helped catch the duck. I helped to get the hook out. You will all be happy to know that it suffered minimal damage! No broken wings from what I could tell, very little blood, no ripping, just a clean piercing that it should, hopefully, recover from within a couple days. We all felt terrible! So I saved a duck. Not before busting my ass on the slipper dock. I’m still hurting badly 2 days later, barely able to move.

2017-08-08-04So I told you that we caught a duck. What else did we catch? A kid. No! We didn’t snag him on our line! He was fishing (without a hook, because he’s not ready for that with all his whopping and flailing!), got a little too close, and took a dunk! Yes, the water was deep, but I’m glad it was. At least he didn’t hit his head on any rocks. He was bobbing, Chris grabbed him, pulled him out, and all was fine. He had his life jacket on, thank God, and we wouldn’t have taken him out there if he hadn’t. Plus, we both know how to swim, so everything was under control. He did, however, lose his brand new fishing pole that Popaw got him for his birthday. Poor baby! He kept saying, “Thank you Daddy for saving me!” and “My fishing pole is in the wibber.” Bless his heart. He was so disappointed!

2017-08-08-08But even though we had a few mishaps, we still had a blast. In the end, I let him help me reel in my fishing line a few times, hoping we would catch some night fish… but that didn’t happen. We didn’t catch a thing! But that’s okay. Kal-El wasn’t ready to leave when it was time to go. We were all exhausted, sore, and hungry… but happy. Now this was the family fun that I had in mind! Kal-El was so excited that he couldn’t even sleep on the ride back home. He finally fell asleep 3 minutes from the house, woke up when we got home, and stayed awake talking about it for at least another hour before konking back out. He’s ready to go back and it’s all he talks about! Looks like we’re going to have to go fishing again soon…



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