OH COCONUTS! Coconut Oil- Just Let Me Swim In It!

BEHOLD! THE POWER OF COCONUT OIL! I recently started this all-natural journey, so I joined the Crunchy Betty group on Facebook. It seemed like the answer to everything was coconut oil. Hands dry? Coconut oil. Digestion problems? Coconut oil. Cloth diaper safe or natural diaper rash cream? Coconut oil. Stressed out? Coconut oil. On a diet and want to lose weight? Coconut oil. Menstrual cramps? How many times do I have to tell you that coconut oil is the answer to everything? Just let me swim in it! Continue reading


Cloth Diapers- Let Me Set the Record Straight

Goodbye Sposies!When I tell someone who uses only disposables that I cloth diaper my baby, I almost always get some sort of “ew” response. Other responses I get are “that’s too much work,” “I don’t have time for that,” and “that’s got to be expensive.” Well I’m here to set the record straight. I will address all of these issues along with a few more. Continue reading

Cloth Diapering Diaper Rash No-Nos

Okay, so I am guilty of not doing enough research. Apparently, you can not use just any diaper rash cream with cloth diapers. I just thought if I threw them in the wash with some gentle detergent that they would come out clean and I wouldn’t have a problem. WRONG! And I’m usually so good at researching!

Continue reading