Eat Healthier? Well… I Can Try…

meatballWhile I’m sitting here, drinking my Folgers iced coffee in whole fat milk after eating two 6″ meatball subs from frozen meatballs and canned sauce with some potato chips, I feel a bit… full… and ashamed. My family has been trying to substitute the bad for the good, but like many other American families, we’re stuck in the quick-and-easy yummy greasy salty and sweet “baby dance on my taste buds” type of food. But why? So many of the substitutes that we have been getting are so yummy. So why do we keep going to frozen pizzas and soda?  Continue reading


OH COCONUTS! Coconut Oil- Just Let Me Swim In It!

BEHOLD! THE POWER OF COCONUT OIL! I recently started this all-natural journey, so I joined the Crunchy Betty group on Facebook. It seemed like the answer to everything was coconut oil. Hands dry? Coconut oil. Digestion problems? Coconut oil. Cloth diaper safe or natural diaper rash cream? Coconut oil. Stressed out? Coconut oil. On a diet and want to lose weight? Coconut oil. Menstrual cramps? How many times do I have to tell you that coconut oil is the answer to everything? Just let me swim in it! Continue reading

Cut the Soda Challenge- How It Could Save Your Health and Your Wallet

I’m writing this while I’m chugging a Coca-Cola? Why? Because the stuff tastes so dang good, makes me feel good, has a fun bubble, comes in a pretty red can, and is addictive. But then again, that’s no surprise. Half of Americans drink soda every day. Once again, I have come to the conclusion that I have to stop drinking soda, and it’s a bitter-sweet goodbye. I just want to grab it and say “No! Not that! Anything but THAT!” But alas… my wallet (and my body) tells me that it is something that needs to be kicked to the curb. So here is my Ditch the Soda Challenge. I hope you will join me on my journey to a soda-free, healthier, and more frugal life. Continue reading

Common Sense Diet, I mean, Lifestyle Change

skinny personI know what you’re thinking… how can going on a diet save me money? This technically is not a diet, but a lifestyle change, and a fairly easy one at that. Think of all the money you will be saving by not buying as many cakes, chips, soda, takeout and fast food! Think of how much money you will be saving when you don’t have to fix as much food. Continue reading