But I Don’t Like Meatloaf!

Every parent has heard it. Those words that go right through the chore of your nerves and rip them apart.

You know it’s a lie.

You KNOW it’s not true.

You just want to… breathe Mama! Just Breathe!

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The Costs of Homemade Baby Food VS Jar Baby Food

Anyone who doesn’t already know how much money you can save by making your own baby food is floored when I tell them how much I spend for each “jar” of homemade baby food. There are quite a few reasons why making your own baby food is better than jar food, including having more options of what to feed your baby, freshness of the fruits & veggies, and knowing what is in your baby’s food, but today I will mainly be talking about how happy your wallet will be.

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The Dangers of Baby Cereal- What You Should Know Before Feeding Rice to Junior


One of the biggest blindly accepted misconceptions is the idea that a baby should eat cereal. What’s worse, it is said to be good for the baby. As if it’s not bad enough that many pediatricians recommend that a baby is to be started on solids at 4 months old, they are saying that cereal is the perfect first food. Even worse: most say to start your baby on rice cereal. I have done my research, and this is what I have found. Continue reading