I’m Pregnant!


Well, as the title and photo suggest, I’m pregnant! Some of you may have already seen the announcement on social media, but I decided to make it official and post it on my blog. Tomorrow will mark 18 weeks! I am Due July 7th, however will not go past June 30th because I am required to have a c-section. I had one with my son, and my doctor does not offer VBAC as an option. So the baby will be born no later than 39 weeks. He’s a great OBGYN though, so I trust his judgment.

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15 Ways to Save Money While Raising a Baby


It’s no secret that babies cost a lot of money, but they don’t have to cost a fortune! After raising my 4-year-old son on a very strict budget, I have learned a few tricks to save a few bucks while raising my son. I have compiled 15 tips for you to help you save a few bucks when raising your munchkin!

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First Day of School


Well parents… it’s that time again. Time to go back to school! But for me and many others, it is the first day of school for their kids… ever. What’s crazy is that this may be the one and only time that I ever go through this. I don’t plan to have any more children. As much as I love my munchkin, he is hard to handle and is like having three kids at once some days. And then there are some days when he’s easy. Most days though, he’s a wild child.  Continue reading

We Went Fishing! Caught A Duck & A Kid


We finally got around to going fishing this year, and boy was it an adventure! Kal-El has been bugging us all summer to go fishing, but between my husband still trying to get used to night shift (7PM – 7AM!) and a couple bad paychecks, we just haven’t been able to. Well, on August 8th we decided it was a beautiful day to go fishing. The sun was only partially out, not too brutal. It wasn’t quite 80° outside. Chris had enough sleep. We didn’t really have the extra money for me to get my fishing license, but to hell with it. Let’s go!

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